Kwatera Główna Stowarzyszenia
w Wójtowicach


IMD (przedruk z Biuletynu FAO)


IMD in Poland 17 November 2014 Klodzko Valley is situated in the eastern part of the Sudety Mountains. On International Mountain Day 2014, more than twenty mountain farmers from the valley will gather to celebrate this event. The event has been organized and sponsored by Mountain Elected People, which was established on 11 December 2002, the Snow Mountain Community Fund and the Association “ Wojtowice - back to the future ”. The event will take place in the agritouristic farm in Bielice, just a few meters from what used to be Polish-Czech border. Farmers – wives and husbands – will exchange opinions and experiences relative to mountain family farming and will taste various local dishes such as freshly baked bread, smoked ham, mountain trout, goose breast, pumpkin mousse, mirabellen distillate, cakes and more specialties prepared in Czech, German and Polish style. Photo: Flickr/leo siecle [more]