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Celebrating International Mountain Day in Poland
Celebrating International Mountain Day in Poland 15 December 2014 Around 30 mountain farmers celebrated International Mountain Day (IMD) 2014 in Klodzko Valley, situated in the eastern part of the Sudety Mountains. They met in Bielice, a small mountain village just a few meters from what used to be the Polish-Czech border. The event was organized by a group of local and regional non-governmental organizations, among them: Mountain Elected People, established on 11 December 2002; the Snow Mountain Community Fund, the oldest of CFs in Poland; and the Association “Wojtowice - back to the future”. Farmers – wives and husbands – exchanged experiences on mountain family farming and agreed that each mountain activity should take into account not only agricultural but also environmental and cultural aspects of this extraordinary natural heritage which are the mountains. The participants were presented with the results of the Summer School of Architecture, held last July in Wojtowice for 25 young engineers from Wroclaw Politechnic, who prepared a catalogue of 20 classical types of Sudety rural architecture. They were also given IMD posters. They ended the celebration with a degustation of various local dishes such as freshly baked bread, smoked ham, mountain trout, goose breast, pumpkin mousse, mirabellen, rowan and cherry distillates, marinated lamb served with 3 different types of cabbage, cakes, sweets, fruits jams and more specialties prepared in Czech, German and Polish style. [more]